Guest Lecturer – Susan Brockerhoff, PhD.

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Susan Brockerhoff, Ph.D.

Professor of Biochemistry

University of Washington

“Calcium Dynamics and Photoreceptor Mitochondria”

Wednesday, April 17th

10:00 11:00 am

LG-101A, McKnight Brain Institute Auditorium

About the Brockerhoff Lab:

The overall goal of research in our laboratory is to understand the biology of the cone photoreceptor and apply this information to dissecting the molecular basis of human retinal disease. Our lab is currently focusing on two fundamental questions in photoreceptor biology: 1) how is photoreceptor mitochondrial function regulated by cellular Ca2+ dynamics? and 2) how is the endocytic trafficking pathway regulated by phosphoinositides? The overall health and viability of photoreceptors depends on the regulation of these processes. We use zebrafish as our model system because they have an abundance of cone photoreceptors and because biological problems can be tackled in zebrafish using many different experimental approaches