2010 Center for Vision Research Symposia

Development and Delivery of Therapeutic Agents for the Eye

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “A New Ocular Drug”

Ken Berns (University of Florida) “Viruses to Deliver Genes”

Dennis Steindler (University of Florida) “Stem Cells”

David Day (University of Florida) “Office of Technology Licensing”

Steve Sugrue (University of Florida) “College of Medicine”

Steve Sugrue (University of Florida) “Pilot Grants for Getting Started”

Gary Novack (PharmaLogic Development, Inc.) “The Pharma Perspective on Your Product”

Hank Edelhauser (Emory University) “The Challenge of Ocular Drug Delivery for Small Molecules and Proteins” 

Marc Peden (University of Florida) “Therapeutic Approaches to the Posterior Eye–A Clinical Perspective”

Sonal Tuli (University of Florida) “Iontophoresis for Delivery of Oligonucleotides and Drugs to the Anterior Eye”

Anuj Chauhan (University of Florida) “Ophthalmic Drug Delivery by Nanostructured Contact Lenses, Inserts and Puncta Plugs”

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “Medical Therapy for Glaucoma in the Future”

Michael Young (Harvard University) “Delivery of Retinal Stem Cells to the Degenerating Retina”

Al Lewin (University of Florida) “Adeno-Associated Virus as a Gene Delivery Tool for the Eye” 

 Claudio Punzo (Harvard University) “A Gene Delivery Approach to Treat Retinitis Pigmentosa”

Muna Naash (University of Oklahoma) “Efficient Delivery of Ocular Therapeutic Genes via Compacted DNA Nanoparticles”

Kirk Gelatt (University of Florida) “Animal Models for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery” 

Keith Muller (University of Florida) “Biostatistics: Study Design and Interpretation” 

Gary Novack (PharmaLogic Development, Inc) “Ophthalmic Drug Delivery: Development and Regulatory Considerations”