2011 Center for Vision Research Symposia

Advances in Neuroprotection of the Eye

Nikolaus McFarland (University of Florida)   “History of Neuroprotection in Brain and Spinal Cord Research over the Last 20 years”

Doug Esson (Eye Care for Animals) “Glaucomatous Neurodegeneration & Concepts of Neuroprotection: a Brief Overview”

Sylvain Doré (University of Florida)”Saving the Salvageable Neurons after Ischemia”

Paul Kaufman (University of Wisconsin) “Viral Gene Transfer for Neuroprotection”

Keith Martin (University of Cambridge) “Stem Cells for Neuroprotection”

Anthony Arnold (UCLA) “Neuroprotection for Optic Neuropathy: Theory vs. Practice”

Len Levin (University of Wisconsin) “Identifying Neuroprotection Targets with Redox Proteomics”

Stuart McKinnon (Duke University) “Results from a Whole Mess of Mouse Glaucoma Experiments”

Adriana Di Polo (University of Montreal) “Saving Neurons in Glaucoma: A Cautiously Optimistic View”