2012-2013 Monthly Seminar Series

7/11/12,  Manas R. Biswal (Florida Atlantic University)“Hypoxia-regulated,  glial cell specific gene therapy to treat retinal neovascularization”

9/19/12  David Zacks (University of Michigan) “Photoreceptor Cell Death: Life Hanging in the Balance”

9/26/12  Uday Kompella (University of Colorado Denver) “Nanotechnology for Drug and Gene Delivery”

11/14/12 Yoshikazu Imanishi (Case Western Reserve University) “Visualization of membrane protein trafficking and mis-trafficking in intact Xenopus laevis photoreceptor cells”

12/12/12 Patricia D’Amore (Harvard University) “Novel mechanism for the regulation of inflammation”

1/16/13 Goldis Malek  (Duke University)  “Exploring the potential involvement of nuclear receptors in the pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration”

1/30/13 Vet School Mini Symposium

  • Don Samuelson, MS, PhD: “Corneal angiogenesis in the marine mammal”
  • Dennis Brooks, DVM, PhD, DACVO: “Proteome from frozen equine amnion”
  • Caryn Plummer, DVM, DACVO: “Primary open-angle glaucoma in the Beagle dog”

2/13/13 Rod McInnes ( McGill University)Inherited photoreceptor degenerations: are there molecular foundations for a single general therapy?”

3/20/13 Sayon Roy (Boston University) “New Insights into Basement Membrane Abnormalities in Diabetic Retinopathy”

4/24/13 Richard Masland (Harvard University)  “Neuronal diversity in the retina”

5/13/13 Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka (Monash University, Australia) Pathogenic actions of angiotensin II and aldosterone in the retina”

5/15/13 Xiao-Hong Wen (Harvard University) “The Role of GCAP1 and GCAP2 in Phototransduction Studied in Knockout Mice”