2013 Center for Vision Research Symposia

Treating Ocular Diseases in Animal Models

Neal Peachey (Cleveland Clinic Foundation) “Insight into Congenital Stationary Night Blindness from Mouse Models”

Gus Aguirre (University of Pennsylvania) “Large Animal Models of Inherited Retinal Diseases-From Gene Discovery to Treatment”

Ron Ofri (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) “Gene Therapy Restores Vision in Dayblind Sheep: A Naturally Occurring Large Animal Model Paving the Way to Treatment of Achromatopsia Patients”

Brian Gilger (North Carolina State University) “Recurrent Uveitis in Horses: A Naturally-occurring Spontaneous Model of Uveitis” 

Kristina Narfstrom (University of Missouri) “Feline Models for Ophthalmic Diseases with Focus on Hereditary Retinal Dystrophies”

Crawford Downs (University of Alabama at Birmingham) “Intraocular Pressure Telemetry and Ocular Biomechanics in Animal Models of Glaucoma”

 Gill McLellan (University of Wisconsin) “A Spontaneous Feline Model for Glaucoma Research” 

 Caryn Plummer (University of Florida) “Primary Open Angle Glaucoma in the Beagle Dog: The history and future of a spontaneous model”

 Greg Schultz (University of Florida) “Scar Wars – Animal Models for Development of Corneal Antiscarring Therapies”