2014 Center for Vision Research Symposia

International Ophthalmology Symposium

Andre Mermoud  (University of Lausanne ) “How to build an Eye Hospital in a developing country”

Alan Crandall (University of Utah) “Ensuring excellent outcomes in Third World countries”

Andre Mermoud  (University of Lausanne ) “How to prepare myself to go and participate in an eye care mission in a developing country”

Melinda Exume (University of Florida) “Perspectives on Practicing in Haiti”


Mitochondrial Function and Metabolism in Aging and Vision

Carlos Moraes (University of Miami) “Genetic treatment for mitochondrial diseases caused by heteroplasmic mtDNA mutations”  

Bret Goodpaster (Sandford-Burnham Medical Research Institute) “Do mitochondria play a role in the loss of muscle function with aging or disuse?”

Deborah Ferrington (University of Minnesota) “Mitochondrial targeted treatments for age-related macular degeneration”

Bärbel Rohrer (Medical University of South Carolina) “Small molecules that protect mitochondrial function from metabolic stress slow down photoreceptor cell loss in mouse retinal degeneration models” 

Rozalyn Anderson (University of Wisconsin) “The metabolism of aging and delayed aging by caloric restriction”

Jeffrey Boatright (Emory University) “Exercise protects against retinal degeneration”

Machelle Pardue (Emory University) “Beneficial effects of exercise on diabetic retinopathy”

Christiaan Leeuwenburgh (University of Florida) “Calorie restriction combined with resveratrol induces autophagy and protects against aging effects”

Jae-Sung Kim (University of Florida) “Autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction in aged livers”

John Ash (University of Florida) “Small molecule and growth factor treatment to preserve photoreceptors in aging retinas”

Todd Manini (University of Florida) “mtDNA variants, activity energy expenditure and age-related health outcomes”