2015 Center for Vision Research Symposia

From Bench to Branding: Bringing Research Discoveries to Life

Sue Washer, President and CEO, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation “Capturing a Company’s Interest in Product Development”

Kate Kirk, Author of “The Cambridge Phenomenon: 50 Years of Innovation and Enterprise”

 “How to Create an Environment that Fosters Entrepreneurial Activity”

Kenneth J. Mandell, President and CEO, LayerBio “Catching the Eye of Venture Capital” 

David Knop, Executive Director, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation “Development of Biological Therapeutics”

Gareth Kempson, CEO, BioMonde  “Building a Biotech Business … Lessons from the Coal-Face

David Day, Director, Office of Technology & Licensing University of Florida “Technology and Licensing: Who to Talk To and What to Talk About”

Chris Batich, Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering “Tales of Success”

“Practical Matters in Making Your Dreams Come True”

John Byatt, Assistant Director, Office of Technology Licensing

Zana Dupee (JD) Office of Research

Gary Wimsett (JD) Conflict of Interest


Ethics in Ophthalmology: From Research to Clinic and Beyond

George Spaeth, Wills Eye Institute “From Ethics through Ethics to Etiquette”

Lauren Solberg, University of Florida “Changing Expectations of Privacy, Research Ethics, and the Digital Age”

Aron Rose, Yale University “Challenging the Four Core Principles of Biomedical Ethics”

William Allen, University of Florida “Forbidden Fruits: False Claims, Fee Splitting, Kickbacks, and Self-Referral”