2016 Center for Vision Research Symposia

Ocular and Skin Wound Healing: From Healing to Regeneration

Sir Peng Khaw, University College London, “From Repair to Regeneration – Translating Research into Vision”

Gysbert van Setten, St. Eriks Eye Hospital/Karolinska Institute,“The Surgeon’s Insight into Basic Wound Healing: Decisive Attribute for Successful Surgery”

Siva Iyer, University of Florida, “Wound Healing in the Posterior Segment: Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy and Its Challenges” 

Elizabeth Fini, University of Southern California, “Clusterin: an Old Dog with New Tricks at the Ocular Surface”

Rajiv Mohan, University of Missouri, “Corneal Wound Healing: Guiding Path for Translational Medicine

Gregory Schultz, University of Florida, “Wound Healing: Lessons from the Skin and Cornea”

Michael Goldstein, Tufts University, “Pearls and Pitfalls in Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disease Clinical Trials”

Tom Mustoe, Northwestern University, “The Role of Hydration and Sodium Homeostasis in Cutaneous Inflammation and Scarring”

James Jester, University of California Irvine, “Second Harmonic Imaging of Corneal Collagen: Insights into Corneal Evolution and Scarless Wound Healing”

Chris Batich, University of Florida, “Collaborations in Wound Healing Via Greg’s Massive Network”

Dan Gibson, University of Florida, “Managing Biological Variance in Wound Healing Studies”

Caryn Plummer, University of Florida, “Beyond the Human Animal – Advances in Veterinary Medicine in Wound Healing”